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chaussures de football Nike MercurialX Proximo II Spy Photos: la deuxième génération de chaussures de football Nike petite MercurialX Proximo continue la génération de style, combiné avec Superfly V et la conception de chaussures de course, l’aspect accrocheur apporté. Dans le cadre du lancement prochain d’automne de la ligne de produits, tous Nike MercurialX Proximo chaussures de football orange de deuxième génération seront lancés en Septembre ici 2016. Combinaison de trois teintes différentes de Nike MercurialX Proximo chaussures nouvelle de football rouge et orange audacieux et accrocheur. chaussures positives et sa grande version de terrain de football Mercurial Superfly V comme des chaussures de football Nike orange MercurialX Proximo II avec un avant en arrière, de la lumière à gradient foncé. chaussures Nike qui a également utilisé le drapeau orange, dans l’ensemble, comme le seul, encore plus est l’utilisation d’une orange complète. Techniquement, les nouvelles chaussures de football Nike MercurialX Proximo II et grande version de terrain est une distinction claire. Non seulement un matériau résistant à l’usure dans le revêtement de l’avant-pied ajouté, suivi par un collier en forme dynamique et également utilisé une conception différente. Version Petit terrain ajoute revêtement NikeSkin supplémentaire, tout en rajoutant l’onglet. En outre, les chaussures de football Nike MercurialX Proximo et ultra-petites chaussures haut de football de première génération Nike Proximo similaire. Ils utilisent les volants tissé dessus intégrés, tandis que la couche supérieure Nikeskin également couvert pour fournir une meilleure résistance à l’usure.

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Régression nid d’abeille –Nike Hypervenom Phantom II supérieure: noir / volt chaussures de football Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Nike chaussures de football intelligent système jaune a l’apparence caché, mais nous voyons aussi une génération Hypervenom chaussures en nid d’abeille emblématique retour côté. Dans la saison 2016-17 avant le début de l’équipement à venir Lewandowski et al noir chaussures de football Nike Hypervenom Phantom II du marché depuis Juillet ici 2016. Noir / volt jaune chaussures de football Nike Hypervenom Phantom II en couleur noire, iconique motif en zigzag du corps de chaussures imprimé Obscure, et le logo Swoosh avant et après en volts contour jaune. La semelle de la chaussure est gris, et a un motif de points et de volts Swoosh jaune logo noir. Depuis 2016 la Coupe d’Europe de première génération couleur Hypervneom nid d’abeille haut du dos, chaussures de football Nike Hypervenom Phantom II noir suit également les caractéristiques techniques de chaque couleur de la Coupe d’Europe 2016. Son matériau synthétique supérieur NikeSkin avec la technologie ACC pour apporter la bonne effet boule dans diverses conditions. jaune chaussures de football Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Noir / volt avec une semelle épis cylindriques de FG pour apporter la flexibilité du lieu sous. La prochaine Juillet 2016 lancement de chaussures de football Nike noir Hypervenom Phantom II, le prix de détail de 275 dollars. Nike va également lancer bas pour aider les chaussures de football Hypervenom Phinish.

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Before signing the contract, James probably got about a year from Nike’s $ 20 million salary. Since James led the Heat completed a two consecutive years,nike huarache pas cher, the company’s market research data show that in 2013, James Nike shoes sold $ 300 million, up 50% year on year increase in sales. After the return to Knight, the year 2014, then the Cavaliers star boots Nike revenue $ 340 million, ranking first in the NBA players, almost double the second ranked Kevin Durant. By 2015, their shoes sales are expected to more than 400 million US dollars. This data means that in addition to Michael Jordan, LeBron is probably one of the most player in the history of commercial value. In fact, before James returned to the Cavaliers, he had decided to earn $ 1 billion, as one of the goals of his career. But now, apparently LeBron have completed their goals. But for Nike, the use of a more than one billion US dollars contract signed Nike LeBron just captured the first step in the global market. How to maximize the commercial value « LeBron » This type of sign may be the next Nike needs to be done. In fact, for the NBA Union, there has been an unwritten rule between sponsors and alliances. For example, almost never came over to play with the scandals before Derrick Rose and Howard. The reason is simple, before the two are a company’s contracted players, in order to maximize the commercial interests, of course, that the two can not play together, not even heard of such trade rumors. This is a commercial company’s « charm », and also the reason they are willing to invest billions of dollars in sponsorship reasons NBA league this year. Is in effect today, ESPN reporter Steven -A- Smith made such a point of view: If LeBron led the Cavaliers to win the final, he will likely choose to leave Cleveland, finally back to join the Miami Heat or the Los Angeles Lakers.
If LeBron led the Cavaliers to win, he will choose to leave? I think the answer is probably yes. First, as the company’s senior Nike, LeBron led the Cavaliers to win after his commercial value will be further enhanced. Stay in Cleveland certainly will not affect his commercial value. But how will the greater the value of it, James? Obviously, to bigger cities in search of a bigger market. Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers, the current situation is undoubtedly the best match James team. First, the two teams this summer will make a more than 30 million US dollars in cap space. Secondly, not surprisingly, the two teams this summer will conduct a thorough reconstruction, especially the Lakers. Heat here, too, Wade contract will expire this summer, now the team did not immediately renew his intentions. Secondly, the current Bosh’s injury is likely to completely end his career. And here the Lakers, Kobe Bryant after the Lakers retired rudderless, he retired for the Nike company itself is a big loss. Secondly, the Lakers this summer’s huge salary space, as long as the operation immediately get their chance to become a playoff team. If the Lakers as LeBron has become the preferred goal, then do not worry about the Lakers free agent this summer, do not join.
On the other hand, the Lakers in this year’s General Assembly on the ballot able to get the second pick. Then a few days later news reports, the prospective champion on this year’s NBA draft has no intention to join Simmons 76 people, even more media coverage if Simmons could not join the Lakers would prefer to become a parallel news. It is worth saying that the present and LeBron James Simmons broker is the same person, that is LeBron’s childhood friend Rich Paul. So the whole, if led by James might choose to leave Cleveland after the Cavaliers won the news is not groundless. Taking into account the company’s legendary player Kobe Bryant Nike has been retired, but as a coalition FN Stephen Curry will join Under Armour, Nike needs in this environment and strive to maximize the benefits. For a commercial company, how to maximize the commercial value of LeBron sign this letter, I want nothing more than LeBron joined the Lakers this explosive-packed event even bigger selling point.